Floorboards - Finished by the manufacturer

Floorboards oiled and varnished in our factory, are guaranteed to have flawless and even colouring. We always start this process by covering the top of the floorboard with oil, which becomes absorbed by the wood and enhances its durability. After this we add a final layer of varnish or hardwax oil - depending on your choice.

Oiled floorboards

A surface finished with hardwax oil has a natural look and is pleasant to the touch. We use preparations based on natural oils, such as sunflower, soybean, or thistle, and waxes such as candelilla and carnauba. The presence of the waxes on this list is especially worth emphasizing, as they create a silky and wear-resistant coating on the surface of the floor, which also prevents the absorption of water and dust by the floorboards.

Admittedly, oiled floorboards require a little bit more care during cleaning than varnished ones. They should be cleaned with suitable wood cleaners only and also conserved periodically. The undoubtable upside of this type of floorboard is, however, the possibility of repairing a single scratch or damage without having to renovate the whole flooring surface.

Varnished floorboards

Thanks to varnishing, floorboards gain a harder coating which is smoother to the touch. This type of coating prevents dirt absorption by the floor, which makes it easier to clean and able to last without being renovated for many years. However, once signs of use become visible then the entire flooring surface must be sanded off in order to varnish it afresh.

Available finishes listed on this page are presented on solid floorboards. They are also available for engineered floorboards where the resulting colour may be slightly lighter. You can read more about these two types of floorboards here. Please also keep in mind that pictures displayed on a screen can never fully represent the natural colour and texture of wooden floors. Lighting, view angle and surrounding colours may influence their visual appearance. Because of this we always advise seeing our floor samples in a show room before purchase.

Colours and surface types of oak boards

Colours and surface types of ash boards

We also offer oiled and varnished ashen floorboards in the same range of colours as the oaken ones. The pictures below present the examples of ashen floorboards coated with colourless varnish, which emphasizes the natural wood colour.


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