A classic which will prove to be a success in both traditional and modern interiors. Elements which have a size smaller than that of boards, can be arranged in different ways, thereby obtaining the original effect which will give character to interiors.

Our parquet flooring is 100% solid wood which ensures durability and timelessness to your floor. It's the perfect solution, especially for glamorous interiors like a living room, lounge or parlour.


The grading defines the nature and structure of the wood visible on the surface. The richness of nature offers both soft and uniform structures as well as diversely grained floors with smaller or larger knots. The following pictures show the grades of oak parquet floors. Ash parquet is also available in the following grades: Prima, Natural and Rustikal.


The dimensions are provided in millimeters.

Oak parquets
2270280, 350, 400, 450 or 500
Ash parquets
Thickness Width Length
 2270350, 400 or 500

Example fitting patterns





* Applies only to parquets with length of 280 or 350 mm

Finish examples

Parquets offered by us are sold in unfinished form, which means that they will be finished in your interior after installation. You can choose from a variety of formulations that will determine the colour and character of the surface and will give a unique style to your floor. Varnishing, oiling and staining are just some of the possible options available. Ask your chosen dealer about the options on offer.

Additional information

Wear layer
Thickness of parquet blockThickness of wear layer
22 mm10 mm
16 mm8 mm
Weight of 1 m2
 16 mm thick22 mm thick
Oak11 kg15 kg
Ash10 kg14 kg
NormPN-EN 13226
Moisture content9 ± 2%
Recommended installation methodglue bonding to floor base, varnishing, oiling
Packaging methodshrink wrap