Floorboards are ideal for people who appreciate timeless solutions. Our wide range of boards allows them to be fitted perfectly to a large variety of rooms and areas.

Our boards are of 100% solid wood which ensures durability and timelessness to your floor.

Thanks to our innovative design, our solid floorboards are more flexible, which allows them to be installed accurately and guarantees the stability of the floor during use. Read more about the secret of our boards.

We also applied this expertise to our engineered floorboards which adds to the stability that comes from their layered construction.

Solid or engineered floorboards?

In our offer you can find both solid floorboards and engineered floorboards. Solid floor elements are made entirely out of a single piece of oak or ash. Engineered floors are made of an oak top layer and plywood underneath it. Boards of this type have a thinner wear layer when compared to solid floorboards and therefore can be renovated fewer times. On the other hand, engineered floors can be produced from wider boards. Both types of floorboards have a common crucial characteristic that affects how long will our floor be in good shape and that characteristic is dimensional stability. Wood is a hygroscopic material which has a natural tendency to absorb and give off humidity. In winter heating will dry the air in our rooms and in consequence wooden floors will also give off moisture. This will cause floor elements to slightly contract and with any change in size tension forces will appear in the material. When humidity is introduced back to the floorboards environment they will expand. This dimensional fluctuation applies stress to floorboard which can be harmful if it exceeds certain limits. Solid floors have a reputation of being more sensitive to changing environmental conditions and susceptible to deformation. This is why this type of floorboards should be only bought from renowned manufacturers which know how to season wood to make it work well in changing conditions. Solid floorboards from the WALCZAK company increased dimensional stability which was confirmed by an academic research team. We also applied our wood seasoning expertise to our engineered floorboards which adds to the stability that comes from their layered construction. Consecutive layers of this type of board have an alternating rings arrangement which further limits the amount of contraction and expenditure that occurs during changes of humidity. Because of this engineered floorboards are often recommended by architects as a safer choice.

Underfloor heating

Both engineered floorboards and solid floorboards (16 mm thick) from the WALCZAK company can be used on underfloor heating. However, it must be noted that installation of wooden floors over underfloor heating is by no means an easy task and requires a great deal of experience from both heating fitters and floor fitters. This type of heating must be designed with the characteristics of wood in mind and therefore it must ensure even and non-abrupt dissipation of heat on the entire flooring surface.

Available sizes

All dimensions in the table above are given inmillimetres. The thickness in the table refers to the nominal value for our products. If our solid floorboards are finished in the factory then their thickness decreases (along with the wear layer) by ~ 0.5 mm if the surface is sanded or by ~ 0.3 mm if the surface is brushed. If our engineered floorboards are finished in the factory then their thickness decreases (along with the wear layer) by ~ 0.2 mm if the surface is sanded or by ~0.1 mm if the surface is brushed. Furthermore, for engineered floorboards the acceptable deviation of wear layer thickness is ± 0.3 mm.

Available sizes
Floorboard typeWood typeBoards
Wear layer thicknessWidth Length  
solidoak2110130, 155, 175 or 195610-2610
168100, 130 or 150560-1810
ash2110120 or 140610-2610
(wear layer)
154.2105, 135, 160, 180 or 200540-2140

Grading of oak boards

Board grading defines the texture of the wood visible on the surface. The richness of nature offers both soft and uniform structures as well as diversely grained floors with smaller or larger knots. 

Grading of ash boards

Surface finish

We have oiled, varnished and unfinished floorboards on our offer. In all cases the surface of the boards can be perfectly smooth or brushed and the edges can have bevels on long sides or on all 4 sides. Factory finishing is available for both solid and engineered floorboards produced in our facilities.

Oiled / varnished

Are you looking for a rustic style or perhaps something more minimalistic? Do you prefer Scandinavian simplicity or cozy country cottages, industrial
chic or a dash of colonial exoticism? Lavender, cherry, cognac or white are just some of the possible options. The finish is carried out at our facilities, which always ensures a perfect and evenly distributed colour.

See all available colours.


Boards in this form are finished by a parquet fitter after installation in your interior. You can choose from a variety of formulations that will dictate the colour and character of your floorboards and will add a unique style to your floor. Varnishing, oiling, staining and ageing are some of the possible options.

Ask your selected dealer about available finishes on offer.

Additional information

Weight of 1 m2
 16 mm thick22 mm thick
Oak11 kg14 kg
Ash10 kg13 kg
NormPN-EN 13629 for solid floorboards
PN-EN 13489 for engineered floorboards
Moisture content9 ± 2% for solid floorboards
5 – 9 % for engineered floorboards
Recommended installation methodglue bonding to floor base, varnishing or oiling
Packaging methodshrink wrap
Additional servicesbevelling the edges, surface sanding, brushing (ageing), oiling, varnishing