New Vintage Collection

Discover the true essence of classical elegance and raw charm with our latest collection of oak floorboards Vintage from WALCZAK, boasting over 80 years of tradition in woodworking craftsmanship. Each board is stained and brushed to give the wood a sense of being steeped in history.

Our colours are inspired by the most stunning cities in Europe. Imagine the hues of the wood from Roman residences, evoking a sense of ancient grandeur. Or perhaps you prefer the cool elegance of Oslo, bringing Scandinavian minimalism into your interior? If you're looking for something exceptional that combines tradition and modernity, our Vintage collection is for you.


The Vintage collection offers up to 20 new colour styles in various configurations, allowing you to tailor them to the unique spaces of your home. All of them can already be viewed in selected showrooms.

Don't choose between style and quality. Choose both. Vintage from WALCZAK. The answer for those who want more.